Supporting Healthy Child Development

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Enjoyaball Sessions

We run 'Enjoy-a-ball' sports sessions for our preschool children


Developing physical literacy is an essential part of healthy child development. Enjoy-a-Ball promotes children moving and getting fit, fitness becoming a habit and part of an overall healthy lifestyle, building foundations for later life.


We were lucky to receive lottery funding which enabled all staff to be trained in basic sports coaching and lots of lovely new equipment to use at our weekly sessions.

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Cooking Sessions

We offer cooking each week and include as many children as possible who wish to join in. The children are introduced to new flavours and tastes and we talk about where the food has come from and what is healthy to eat. Children are more likely to try new things if they have helped to make it. The recipes we use are posted on Tapestry so parents can try the at home. 

The benefits of cooking can be linked to the early years foundation Stage -


  • Numeracy as children measure and weigh ingredients

  • Science as they watch the changes when ingredients are mixed and cooked 

  • Physical skills are strengthened when they peel fruit and stir mixtures

  • Language is developed as the children talk about what they see

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