We are a Communication Friendly Setting!

We are very proud to have been awarded “Communication Friendly Setting” status in July 2018. 


Angmering Village Preschool aims to enable all children to develop the skills of effective communication through their speaking and/or augmentative communication aids, and by being attentive and responsive listeners.


We follow the recommended ‘Letters and Sounds’ Phase One Phonics programme and do lots of small group activities designed to encourage talking, listening and concentration skills. Our ‘Rhyme of the Week’ is repeated across all activities as we recognise that rhythm and rhyme are a key part of early reading skills. We have a ‘Story of the Week’, where we read the same story each day for a week. This means that all children will get the chance to hear the words two or three times and start to join in with the story at preschool and at home.  We enhance our stories and songs with props/puppets and support children with actions. This helps to focus their attention which is essential for the development of language and aids comprehension.


Our ‘Sign of the Week’ is designed to enable all children to learn Makaton signs to enhance their communication skills. 

We closely monitor each individual child’s progress to ensure that their speech, language and communications needs are identified and interventions put in place where necessary. We simplify language and use gestures, signs or symbols to help any child struggling to understand. We use a visual timetable to support understanding of the daily routine so each child can understand what is happening and what the expectations of them will be.


We encourage parents to share any concerns they may have about their child’s speech and to use our Preschool Library on a regular basis. Story bags contain props to encourage the child to recall and retell the story in their own words, laying the foundations of early comprehension skills which will be built on at school. 


Our Deputy Manager, Claire Nicholas, has completed Enhanced Makaton training and this has strengthened the way we use Makaton to communicate with our children, especially those who use this as their main form of communication.  All staff are able to use Makaton signing alongside speech with the children on a daily basis.

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