Communication accreditations 

Makaton Friendly

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We are very proud to tell you that Angmering Village Preschool is now a certified member of the Makaton Friendly Scheme. We are the only setting between Lancing and Bognor to have this recognition. 


The Makaton Friendly scheme aims to recognise organisations or businesses that currently use Makaton in a simple, informal way to make Makaton users feel welcome and enable them to access services within their community. 


Makaton develops speech, language and communication skills.  Using Signs (gestures) and Symbols (pictures), people can tell someone what they want, make choices and join in.  Makaton gives someone their voice.


Our Deputy Manager has Enhanced Level Makaton and five others have Foundation Level Makaton. We regularly use signing in our daily routines and our ‘Sign of the Week’ is designed to enable all children to learn Makaton signs to enhance their communication skills.

Communication Friendly

“A communication friendly environment allows every child to understand, express themselves  and communicate with others to the best of their ability”

Angmering Village Preschool aims to enable all children to develop the skills of effective communication, as we recognise that this is the foundation of relationships and the ability to speak and listen is fundamental for learning, playing and social interaction. Communication is 'everything’, essential to developing and forming both personal and professional relationships. Children need to be able to understand and be understood.


We were delighted to be awarded our Communication Friendly certificate in July 2018.