Eco-Schools Early Years Award

The Eco-Schools programme develops the children’s skills and raises their awareness of the world around them, encouraging the children to be responsible by playing an active role in looking after the environment. 

We have been working with the children at preschool and at home and have now achieved our Eco-Schools Early Years Award in July 2021.

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Our Eco-Schools Topics



Looking after the birds and encouraging wildlife to our garden.



Recycling and composting our rubbish

Healthy Living


Talking about healthy food at snack and lunch, cooking and planting vegetables in the garden.

What people say

“[Child] is very motivated to recycle and look after the environment”


(Parent 2021)

"[Child] has loved learning about recycling and helps us with it at home now"

(Parent 2021)

"Thank you for continuing to work on your Eco-Schools Green Flag during these unprecedented times - it is a true reflection of your schools determination to make a real difference"

(Eco-Schools Award notification 2021)