Hot Lunches & Snack

Little Tums

We encourage every child to join us for a hot meal lunchtime if possible. The meals are prepared and delivered to us daily by Little Tums in Shoreham. From January 2022, we ask parents to contribute £3.50 towards each meal. Children are allowed to bring in a healthy packed lunch from home instead.

Little Tums operates a summer and winter menu which is updated every six months. Their 3 week menu has been awarded a Gold standard in the Healthy Choice Award so you know your child will have a balanced healthy meal each day. Little Tums are also able to cater for individual dietary requirements. 

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If you decide you would prefer for your child to have a packed lunch, then please refer to our Healthy Eating Policy for further guidance. 

Daily Snack Menu

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We are committed to offering children healthy, nutritious snacks which meet individual needs and requirements. We cover the cost of providing a balanced and healthy snack every morning and afternoon for our children. Nutritious food is provided at all snack times, avoiding large quantities of fat, sugar, salt and artificial additives, preservatives and colourings. Menus are planned in advance, rotated regularly, and reflect cultural diversity and variation. 

Please see our latest menu below