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We hope this information will be useful to you. Please speak to your keyworker or the Preschool Manager if you have any concerns over your child's development and we will do our best to help.


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We produce an Online learning journal for each child during their time with us. These are then passed onto school when your chid leaves us. The journals are made up of information, observations and photos that the staff gather for each child.  All of this information helps us to assess the children’s learning and development and plan appropriately for each child.  ‘Tapestry’ is a system which is used by many other local schools, preschools and nurseries and is hosted in the UK on secure servers. 

Each child's record can have individual accounts set up for parents and relatives to access.  Parents can comment on new entries and even add their own. You will receive automatic emails generated for parents when new entries are made. These records will also help us make assessments of your children to ensure their learning and development is being met correctly. 

Then finally, when your child is ready to leave or move to their next journey, we will convert to PDF so you can purchase a digital copy of you wish. 

“Have added my own observations and it is so lovely when we go in and a member of staff has seen it and asks (child) about it.”


(Parent 2019)

“Easy to use and great to see pictures.”





(Parent 2019)

“Love to look at child’s activities at preschool. (Child) talks about what he has done.”




(Parent 2019)

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